About us

About us

Your Trusted Partners in Physiotherapy and Wellness

We are dedicated professionals committed to providing top-quality physiotherapy and wellness services, helping you achieve your health and mobility goals.

Why We Stand Out?

We stand out through our expert team, personalized care, advanced techniques, and a genuine passion for your well-being and recovery journey.

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Experience Our Exceptional Physiotherapy Services: Your Path to Pain Relief, Recovery, and Improved Well-being Starts Here.

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Meet our team

Our Professional & Friendly Therapist

Our team of professional and friendly therapists is here to support your journey to recovery and improved well-being.
MD. Akhter Hossain, BSPT(DU),MSPT(DU), MPH-NCD(Non communicable Diseases)

MD. Akhter Hossain, BSPT(DU),MSPT(DU), MPH-NCD(Non communicable Diseases)

Physiotherapy & Disability Rehabilitation Specialist
Muhammad Nahidul Amin

Muhammad Nahidul Amin

Assistant Physiotherapist
Sanjida Firuz Sadia

Sanjida Firuz Sadia

Assistant Physiotherapist

Services at Our Clinic

Our hospital offers all kinds of physiotherapy services and constantly study new technology to add new custom services to the list

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Our history

How we grew up and expanded as today with trust and confidence built up from happy customers and harmony cooperation from partners.
1996 - The Beginning
In the wake of the graduation from Massachuset Technical College, three men had worked together to find a new career path for all. They chose to work on dental care & dental services.
2000 - The Establishment
Frankie, John & Tony had agreeably established their very first clinic that serves dental checkups, dental treatment, canal filling, and other dental services. Their office was based in New York.
2005 - The Expansion
SmilePure has grown into a bigger clinic with about 40 staff, including many famous professionals in the dentistry industry. The highest educational level is Professor. Other are dental doctors.
2019 - The Now
At present, SmilePure have received various prestigious achievements and awards, namely Best Clinic by Choice 2016, Dedicated Doctor Award 2009, and Contributors for Community Health 2018.

63 Mohakhali Super Market TB Gate (Near Water Tank)

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